super circle


A striated sphere 

The Super Circle pendant lamp consists of a systematic structure of twenty circles, all with a chrome metallic underside, forming a sphere. The body of the lamp sends out a diffuse light, which is caught by the circles and illuminates their underside ensuring a distinctive visual depth. The lamp changes its appearance dramatically depending on which angle it is viewed from. 


Using a combination of new technology and traditional craftsmanship, we manufacture the Super Circle pendant lamp of high quality polycarbonate materials and the supporting construction of mirror polished stainless steel.




alle størrelser super circle2b.jpg

colour patterns

The possibilities are endless in choosing and combining the colours for the shades. Below are some examples of patterns made by choosing few or more colours arranged in patterns.



Designer: Thomas Peter Lund
Design year: 2017
Variants: 3 petal shapes


Shades: Painted polycarbonate 500 µm fitted chrome mirror foil 250 µm
Core: Prismatic polycarbonate 300 µm
Supporting construction: Laser cut mirror polished stainless steel. Steel wire Ø 1200 µm and wire locks. 


Socket: E27, max 60W
Class: Density-class IP20, Class II, 60W, 250V
Suspension: Cord 2x0,75mm². 
Canopy: Yes.
Cord length: Standard 3 meters. Need for longer cord contact SUPERMOON.


In conformity with Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/EC and the following harmonised standards and technical specifications have been applied.

EN 60598-2-1:1989 used in conjunction with EN 60598-1:2008 + A11:2009 EN 50581:2012