Build by hand.  Designed by heart. Illuminating space in all of its colours. 

SUPERMOON is a lighting company in growth that aims to design, manufacture and market decorative large-scale lighting. As the name suggests SUPERMOON, through colour and size, spans everything from the subtle understated light source that is there when you look up every night – to the once-in-a-lifetime statement lamp, the centrepiece playing the pivotal role in space.

Each lamp build by hand, crafted with an eye for both the quality of the design, the construction and the light in combination with scalability and a freedom of colours rarely seen in any industrial manufacturing, is what truly sets SUPERMOON apart.


SUPERMOON focuses on both the retail and contract market with particular focus on social lighting for the hospitality sector.

SUPERMOON supply decorative, social lighting for the lobby, the restaurant, the bar, the lounge, meeting facilities and other places where an eye catching and significant décor is of great importance to create a unique and memorable ambience.

Danish Design

SUPERMOON is rooted in contemporary and classic design found in Scandinavian design history. Our designs are at the same time modern, elegant, expressive and classic – in a very Nordic way.

Customized craftsmanship – made in Denmark

With a prehistory in the architectural profession we fully understand the requirements and expectations of a high-class projects within the contract market demands

Statement designs and centrepieces often play an important role in the overall interior design. But they can rarely be customized and are therefore difficult to fit into an overall design concept.

SUPERMOON offers a unique concept of high quality statement designs that can be customized.

Using a combination of new technology and traditional craftsmanship, we manufacture our designs of high quality polycarbonate materials and mirror polished stainless steel, in our workshop in Vejle, Denmark.

SUPERMOON’s designs can be customized in a wide range of colours and colour combinations. We offer a large collection of standard sizes and colours – and can customize on just about every parameter according to our client’s wishes.



E: tpl@supermoon.dk
M: +45 61 33 40 98



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