customisable centre pieces

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give your customers unique and unforgettable moments

SUPERMOON supply decorative, social lighting for the lobby, the restaurant, the bar, the lounge, meeting facilities and other places where an eye catching and significant décor is of great importance to create a unique and memorable ambience.


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colour freedom within the ncs colour system

NCS, Natural Colour System is a logical colour system which builds on how the human being sees colour. The system gives a unique opportunity to communicate colour between all those involved in a colour process, to ensure that the end result is precisely as it should be.


moon flower – inspirational pattern examples

Choose the Moon Flower pendant lamp in three different leaf designs – and a multitude of imaginable colour patterns. Choose colour tones close to one another for a subtle look, or use contrasting colours for a more graphic effect. With colours create a unique and personalised expression and a spectacular ambience matching or contrasting the surrounding interior design. 

moon flower one

moon flower two

moon flower three

super saucer – inspirational pattern examples

The top part of the Super Saucer pendant lamp can be painted in various colour patterns. The top part can also be manufactured in chromatic reflecting foil. The colour patterns in the sheets of the top part of the pendant lamp can be arranged in gradient succession or in different coloured stribes or simply as a monochrome scheme.



Choose between a multitude of colour pattern designs for the Moon Willow pendant lamp that will dramatically change the ambiance and expression of the decorative large-scale pendant lamp. Through colours and leaf design make the decorative pendant lamp fit seamlessly into any interior colour scheme and design idea. 

Super circle – INSPIRATIONAL colouring EXAMPLES

Change the design expression of the Super Circle pendant lamp entirely by using less or more complex colour patterns. Use the colours in a contrasting, monochrome or gradient fashion in order to create different decorative lighting solutions to either blend into an existing interior colour scheme or stand out as the spectacular lighting centre piece. 



Super clover one

super clover two

super clover two



moon twirl – customisable sizes