Color and Customization

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With a prehistory in the architectural profession we fully understand the requirements and expectations of a high-class projects within the contract market demands. Statement designs and centrepieces often play an important role in the overall interior design. But they can rarely be customized and are therefore difficult to fit into an overall design concept.

We offer a easy and efficient customizing solution of ours high quality large scale lighting. Through a maximum of four decisions, decision makers and their advisors can decide the perfect large scale lighting solution for their project.

In our web color catalogues, all combination options (Petal Design + Reflector + Color) are pictured which makes it easy for our clients to make a judicious design decision. All colors are NCS colors (and marked with NCS codes) so it is easy to evaluate the colors in physical form.

SUPERMOON´s customizing solution saves our clients a long lasting and costly development process.

(Information regarding Shade Design, Reflector and Size are described on the individual product pages. )


1) Select Petal Design

Some of our lamp designs include petals. Select from 3 different petal designs, which gives 3 very different design expressions.

2) Select Reflector

Select from 2 different reflectors. Gold MirrorEffect-Reflector and MirrorEffect-Reflector.

(We keep us regularly informed of suitable reflector material so we can do our best to meet our clients unique requests for reflector types.)

3) Select Size

Our centrepiece large-scale lightings are manufactured in several sizes to fit in any high-ceilinged interior environment.

4) Select Color

We offer a carefully chosen Color Selection Chart, which contains single colors and color combinations. All combination options (Petal + Reflector + Color) are shown in our Color Catalogues (all marked with NCS codes).

Alternatively!... We also support 100% free choice of colors in the NCS color system.

optional color numbers

Below are shows our color customizable lighting. Each lighting is pictured in SUPERMOON´s standard color numbers .

(The choice of colors and reflectors is only examples)


Moon Flower

Moon Flower is supplied in single color,  3 colors and 6 colors.


1 Color

3 Colors


6 Colors

Super Clover

Super Clover is supplied in single color,  3 colors and 6 colors.


1 Color

3 Colors

6 Colors


Super Saucer

Super Saucer is supplied in single color.


1 Color

Moon Willow

Moon Willow is supplied in single color,  3 colors and 6 colors.


1 color

3 colors

6 colors


Super Circle

Super Circle is supplied in single color,  3 colors and 4 colors.

4 colors are supplied in 3 different color patterns (Horizontal, Random and Vertical).


1 color

3 colors horizontal

4 colors horizontal

4 colors random

4 colors vertical


Color Selection Chart

SUPERMOONS ' Color Selection Chart consists of 18 single colors, 9 3-color-combinations, 6 4-color-combinations and 6 6-color-combinations. The Color Selection Chart features a varied selection of Nordic and contemporary colors ranging from bright pastel to dark exclusive.


Single Color


3 Colors combinations



4 Colors combinations



6 Colors combinations