moon twirl


like a twirling skirt 

The design of the Moon Twirl pendant lamp is inspired from turbines and propeller which becomes most clear when you see the lamp from below. The material weaves and twirls and creates a light and ethereal expression. The Moon Twirl pendant is as delicate and beautifully designed without as when you view into the lamp from below.  

material and contruction

The Moon Twirl pendant lamp is the exploration of prismatic polycarbonate and the study of prism light, culminating in a design that has a delicate and almost fluorescent quality. The result is a contemporary Scandinavian prism lamp, which is both simple in shape and complex in its light reflections at the same time.



Large scale lighting is what truly sets SUPERMOON apart. We supply decorative, large scale lighting for the lobby, the restaurant, the bar, the lounge, meeting facilities and other places where an eye catching and significant décor is of great importance to create a unique and memorable ambience.

We provide our clients with 3D and 2D files for their development projects to create the best basis for choice of size.

SUPERMOON manufactures The Moon Twirl pendant lamp in four standard sizes.

moon twirl.png
moon twirl.jpg

Light Source


SUPERMOON´s decorative large-scale lightings are manufactured so they easily can be included in any lighting concepts.

The integrated Smart Light Source is not only dimmable but is also adjustable from warm white (2700K) to cold white (6500K). Hereby it is easy to customize the light to the exact white-hue and brightness to suit the overall lighting concepts.


A common feature of Social spaces is that they are used for hosting various events. The key to lighting these areas is flexibility and versatility; to emphasize a desired visual expression, atmosphere or mood. SUPERMOON offers the opportunity to add an additional color-adjustebel light source. Our centrepiece large-scale lighting can be used as a visual cornerstone for any given event. Only the imagination



Integrated Smart light source:

-LED 3000lm/6000 lumen

-Adjustable from warm white (2700K) to cold white (6500K)


-Density-class IP20, Class II

-Input voltage: 200-240V

-Voltage: 12V

Cord and Steel wire length:

Standard 3 meters. Need for longer contact SUPERMOON. 

Can manually be control by:

-Philips Hue App

-Remote Control

Can be connected to following control systems:






Each lamp is build by hand based on the customization-wishes of our clients.

Using a combination of new technology and traditional craftsmanship, we manufacture our designs of high quality polycarbonate materials and mirror polished stainless steel , in our workshop in Vejle, Denmark.


Prismatic polycarbonate 500 µm
Supporting construction: Laser cut mirror polished stainless steel. Steel wire Ø 1200 µm and wire locks. 


D: 95 cm.          2.008 € excl. VAT

D: 125 cm.        2.478 € excl. VAT

D: 155 cm.        3.371 € excl. VAT

D: 190 cm.        5.070 € excl. VAT